Criminal Sanctions Agency

The Criminal Sanctions Agency is a government authority, which enforces prison sentences and community sanctions under the direction of the Ministry of Justice.

The goal of the Criminal Sanctions Agency is to contribute to the prevention of recidivism and the safety of society. Read more...

Press releases

Vaasa Community Sanctions Office and its Seinäjoki Branch Office will celebrate their joint 60th anniversary in Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku in Seinäjoki starting at 12 o’clock on Wednesday 1 October 2014. The main speakers of the event will be Tapio Lappi-Seppälä, Director-General of the National Research Institute of Legal Policy, and Tuula Asikainen, Chief Director of the Criminal Sanctions Agency.


Today, it is one hundred years since Sukeva Prison was established in the municipality of Sonkajärvi. A history written by Jari Aro, BSocSc, in honour of the 75th anniversary of the prison was published 25 years ago. Now, it is complemented by a new history written by Jaakko Kangas, MA, MSocSc, which is published in the 100th anniversary celebration on 23 September 2014.


Director General Esa Vesterbacka wants to correct the views presented in public on the release of prisoners for the sake of savings and on the use of public humiliation as a punishment in Finland.