Criminal Sanctions Agency

The Criminal Sanctions Agency is a government authority, which enforces prison sentences and community sanctions under the direction of the Ministry of Justice.

The goal of the Criminal Sanctions Agency is to contribute to the prevention of recidivism and the safety of society. Read more...


In Christmas time, season’s greetings are also received in and sent to prisons.

Seitsemän broidia Sipoosta eli Kiven (sisältä) Seitsemän veljestä (Seven Brothers from Sipoo, aka Seven Brothers (from inside) by Kivi)

The topping-off ceremony of the renovation of the old prison building in Mikkeli was held at the construction site on Monday 10.11.2014

Press releases

The quality of imprisonment and community sanctions is at least satisfactory according to the prisoners, community sanction clients, and the staff of the Criminal Sanctions Agency. The quality, however, differs between imprisonment and community sanctions in many areas. That is revealed in the research called Unified organisation - unified quality? published by the Criminal Sanctions Agency.


"The Criminal Sanctions Agency thinks that the Ministry of Justice made a good decision. It establishes the conditions for maintaining and developing our operations. It is also important for the staff that a long period of uncertainty ends now," says Director General of the Criminal Sanctions Agency Esa Vesterbacka.


The new security policies of the Criminal Sanctions Agency emphasise the significance of interaction between people, professionalism, and a client-oriented approach, as well as a cross-sectoral cooperation in all activities of the Agency. The policies consider the importance of security from the viewpoint of society, the staff, and the criminal sanction clients.