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The Criminal Sanctions Agency’s updated vision of facilities for the Ministry of Justice

The Criminal Sanctions Agency has submitted to the Ministry of Justice an updated proposal for the vision of facilities for 2015-2018, which complies with the decisions on the spending limits of the operating expense appropriations of the Agency made in the Budget.

– With the help of the plan, we will be able to carry out our savings obligation. The number of prisoner places will stay in line with the prison population forecast. The plan is realisable when considering the regional aspects and we have tried to take into account the overall population development forecasts. We also aim to allocate resources to effective individual work promoting the safety of society, says Director General Esa Vesterbacka. Read more...

Press releases

In Christmas time, season’s greetings are also received in and sent to prisons.


According to present information, the sick leave lasts until the end of November.


Finnish Mikko Sarvela has been named to a top international post in the field of prison services as the Commanding Officer of the United Nations Detention Unit (UNDU) of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague, the Netherlands starting from the beginning of July.


The expenditure cuts of the public finances mean that the Criminal Sanctions Agency faces extensive expenditure adjustment measures for approximately five million euro annually in 2013-2016. The aim of the adjustment measures is to ensure the operation of the Agency also in future.

Published 18.11.2014