About website and cookies

The website rikosseuraamus.fi is maintained by the Criminal Sanctions Agency and it contains information on the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency, penal system, prisons, and community sanctions offices as well as our contact details. The website includes a separate section for products made in prison (vankilatuote.fi) and a section called Portti, which is aimed at our clients and contains links to external websites and services.

Besides Finnish, the website rikosseuraamus.fi also provides information in Swedish and English. The prison product section and Portti are only in Finnish.

In order to read the PDF files published on the website, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other similar programme, which you can download for free of charge, for instance, from the website of Adobe Reader.


The Criminal Sanctions Agency has the copyright on all material made and produced on the website (text, content, and images). The content of the website of the Criminal Sanctions Agency may not be used or quoted in other contexts without permission and a reference of the source. If some of the material on the website is not made by the Criminal Sanctions Agency, the copyright holder is mentioned.

The website is updated by the Communications Services of the Criminal Sanctions Agency The Criminal Sanctions Agency is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the content or material linked to the website that are published by third parties.

Cookie policy

The cookie policy of the website maintained by the Criminal Sanctions Agency complies with the recommendations of the National Cyber Security Centre, which operates under the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. According to the recommendations, users can give their consent to the storage of cookies, for example, by using browser settings. The use of cookies on the websites of the Criminal Sanctions Agency and the whole judicial administration is evaluated and developed if need be.

Website cookies

This website uses certain technical cookies to enable it to function properly. These cookies are always enabled irrespective of the cookie settings of the user’s browser. These cookies are used only for purposes that are necessary for the functioning of the website. Cookies are small text files that a web browser stores on a user’s device to help track the use of the website.

Users can manage the non-essential cookies on the website by changing the browser’s cookie settings. Blocking cookies may affect the user experience of the website but it does not usually affect the functioning of the website. Such cookies include

  • tracking cookies
  • session cookies
  • CSS styles.

Tracking cookies

The tracking cookies collect general statistics on the use of the website, which support the development of the website and its quality. The collected information includes, among others, visited web pages, the times of the visits, the web browser, and the operating system. Pursuant to the Data Protection Act, the processing of personal data linked to tracking cookies is proportionate and necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest by an authority. The user's IP address is not collected for statistical purposes.

The web analytics and the use of cookies on our website have been carried out in cooperation with the Legal Register Centre and the service provider Abako Oy.

The website of the Criminal Sanctions Agency uses the web analytics of the publication system (Stato). The following cookies are used for web analytics:

  • Cookie beginning with Neta: The cookie is used for distinguishing users. The cookie does not expire until it is deleted.
  • StatoSession: The cookie of the content publication system is used for maintaining information about the user’s session. The cookie exists for the duration of the visit and is deleted when the browser is closed.

Tracking cookies can be allowed or blocked in the browser’s cookie settings. If cookies are blocked, the tracking cookies will store only session-specific information, and the cookies will expire when the browsing session ends. The data collected by tracking cookies is stored on servers in the data centre of the Government ICT Centre Valtori. Tracking data will not be disclosed to third parties. The statistics can be used, among others, for informing purposes.

Links to other services

Links to social media services on the website of the Criminal Sanctions Agency and share buttons available on some of our web pages will not transmit any user information to the providers of these services, unless you click on these links and share buttons. For more information on the cookies on these social media services, please see the privacy statement of each service.

Technical log data on the website and telecommunications connections

Technical log data are collected on the use of the website and the telecommunications connections used to access it. This data is necessary for the provision of the online service and for ensuring information security. The log data include information that can be linked to a person, such as the IP address and timestamp. The log data are used only to enable the provision of the service via the telecommunications network and to investigate any disruptions and information security incidents.

The processing of personal data in this context is necessary in order for the Ministry of Justice and the judicial authorities to comply with their legal obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Managing cookies

Information on different browsers’ cookie policies and how to block and delete cookies are available on the browsers’ own website.

Feedback on the website

You can send feedback on the website and its content to the Communications Services of the Criminal Sanctions Agency by email to viestinta.rise(at)om.fi. You can also use the feedback form on our website to send us your comments.

Official emails should be sent to the registry of the Criminal Sanctions Agency to kirjaamo.rise(at)om.fi. The Criminal Sanctions Agency also uses the e-service Suomi.fi Messages. The service is a secure way of communicating the Criminal Sanctions Agency electronically. Communication is possible through the web address www.suomi.fi/messages from where the messages will be sent to the registry of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, which will forward the message if necessary.

For further information about the website, please contact he Communications Services of the Criminal Sanctions Agency.

Published 3.7.2020