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About website

The website of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, www.rikosseuraamus.fi, provides information on, i.a., the Criminal Sanctions Agency, its work and duties, on Finnish penal system, the work of prisons and community sanctions offices, and the contact information.

The website is published in Finnish, Swedish and in English.

The Communications Unit of the Criminal Sanctions Agency maintains the website and is responsible for it. The aim is to ensure the correctness and topicality of the content of the website. The Criminal Sanctions Agency is not responsible for possible mistakes appearing on the website. Nor is the Criminal Sanctions Agency responsible for the harmful consequences of a technical fault or such material linked to the website that is published by outside parties.

Structure of the website

The website is divided into three columns. The left column includes the menu, the middle column the main content of the page and the right column additional information, pictures and links to other pages of the website or to websites maintained by others.

Information by topic can be found at the top of the page. Links to key contents and sites are compiled at the footer of the page.


The link path at the top of the page shows the position of the user on the website.

The website is scalable, i.e. the user can change the size of the text by clicking View > Text size at the top of the page.


Each of the Finnish, Swedish and English pages has a search function with which to search for information on the web pages of the Criminal Sanctions Agency. The sitemap and the subject headings in alphabetical order also facilitate the search for information.


The internal links of the Criminal Sanctions Agency open up in the same browser window. External links open up in a new browser window.

Copyright and linking to the website

The Criminal Sanctions Agency holds all rights to the text and pictures published on the website, unless otherwise mentioned. The photographers are mentioned if the pictures are taken by somebody outside the Criminal Sanctions Agency.

Linking to the website is freely allowed and the texts may be quoted, but the source must then necessarily be stated. Other use of the material requires special permission from the Communications Unit of the Criminal Sanctions Agency.

Further distribution of attached files without permission elsewhere than on the Criminal Sanctions Agency website is prohibited. Linking to individual pictures is absolutely prohibited.

Automatic collection of data and processing of identification data

The website of the Criminal Sanctions Agency is open to everyone and browsing does not require registration. Personal data on the users of the service enabling identification of individual users are not collected. Statistics on the use of the service, i.e., on the total number of visitors, the most popular pages, from what pages the visitors have entered the website and the exit page, are collected. The website uses cookies for monitoring visitors

Identification data are recorded only for the sake of ensuring and developing the technical realization and use of the website. Only the personnel in charge of these tasks can process identification data to the extent required by their duties. Identification data must not be disclosed to third parties in situations other than those prescribed by law.

Technical recommendations

The web pages work with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.5 and more recent browser versions as well as with Chrome and Safari.

For PDF documents, such as publications, the programme Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar is needed. The programme can be downloaded for example from the Adobe Reader web pages.

For data security reasons the transmitting of certain attached files has been blocked in the network of the Council of State. These files are such types of attached files as are generally used to transmit viruses or other possibly harmful programme codes. The following generally used types of attached files will be deleted from the email traffic to and from the network of the Council of State: .bin, .exe, .cmd, .com, .reg, .scr, .lnk, .mbd, .vbs, .zip. For more information on this, see the web pages of the Ministry of Finance.

Feedback and additional information

Feedback on the content of the website can be given to the Communications Unit of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, address viestinta.rise(at)om.fi. Feedback can also be sent using the form for feedback on our pages. Official mail shall be sent to the email address of the registry, kirjaamo.rise(at)om.fi.

Additional information on the network service of the Criminal Sanctions Agency is given by the Communications Unit.

Published 24.3.2015