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Director General

Esa Vesterbacka is the Director General of the Criminal Sanctions Agency. He holds a Licentiate of Laws degree and is trained on the bench.

Director General is in charge of the Criminal Sanctions Agency and confirms its strategic policies as well as agrees on the Criminal Sanctions Agency’s performance targets with the Ministry of Justice. In addition, Director General decides those matters concerning the Criminal Sanctions Agency which are not determined in the law or the rules of procedure to be decided by another public official.

Director General is also the head of the Central Administration. Director General conducts annual performance and development discussions with, among others, the region directors, the directors of the units of the Central Administration, the director of the Enforcement Unit, as well as the director of the Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services.

Administrative director, development director, or other public official of the Central Administration determined in the rules of procedure deputise for Director General.

Published 10.3.2017