Work and education

The Prison and Probation Service carries out effective, reliable, and significant work to promote the safety of society. The Prison and Probation Service is responsible for the implementation of remand imprisonment and the enforcement of community sanctions and prison sentences. The aim is to prevent recidivism and increase safety in society.

The Prison and Probation Service has 2 750 employees altogether. Approximately half of them carry out supervision and guarding duties and slightly over 200 carry out community sanction work. Prison and Probation Service also employs, among others, experts, instructors, social workers, teachers, and chaplains.

Increasing safety in society and preventing recidivism

The primary duty of the Prison and Probation Service is to see that the sentences passed by the courts are enforced lawfully and safely in the prisons and community sanctions offices. The Prison and Probation Service aims to enhance the safety in society by reducing the sentenced offenders’ risk of reoffending. The goal is to guide the offenders towards a life without crime during the sentence term. The sentence term is planned and realised so that the offenders can improve their abilities to adapt to a new life after serving the sentence. If the offenders are able to practice skills promoting their life control during the sentence term, they have a better chance of reintegrating into society as full members after their release.

What is it like to work at the Prison and Probations Service?

The Prison and Probation service carries out security work that is significant to society. It offers versatile and challenging tasks and a possibility influence the content of the work.

Taking care of our employees' professional competence and well-being at work is important for us. We encourage our employees to develop their competence and provide opportunities for in-service training and further training. We continuously develop and measure the well-being at work and believe that meaningful tasks increase the significance of the work. In addition, we have high-quality occupational health care nationwide.

People working at the Prison and Probation Service think that they have good colleagues, a secure public-service employment relationship, and meaningful work.

Published 20.12.2019