Contacts with the outside world

A prisoner can be given a permission to communicate with the outside world by telephone. In most prisons, prisoners make their phone calls at fixed times with phone-cards they have purchased themselves.

On request, the prisoner has to state to whom he or she intends to call. The call may be listened to if abuse is suspected. The prisoner and the recipient of the call have to be informed beforehand about the listening. A call between a prisoner and an authority in charge of the supervision of the operation of the prison, the prisoner’s attorney or legal counsel cannot be listened to.

There are no quantitative restrictions on correspondence. However, the post received or sent by a prisoner can be inspected buy a radioscope or read if there is a special reason for it, such as a suspicion of unlawful substances or prevention of an offence.

A prisoner has the right to accept visitors at times reserved for visits during weekends and, for a special reason, at other times as well. Prisons also have family visiting rooms where a prisoner can meet close family members without supervision in a home-like environment for a few hours.

A prisoner can be granted a prison leave when two thirds of the prison term has been served or when there is a particularly important reason for it.

A prisoner can also apply for a prison leave to attend an event held outside the prison. The prison leave can be granted under escort or under the necessary supervision for at most 12 hours.

Published 11.7.2019