Pre-sentence report

The prosecutor requests the Criminal Sanctions Agency to assess the suitability of the accused for community service. If the prosecutor has not made such a request, the accused or his or her counsel may contact a local community sanctions office and request a suitability assessment.

The pre-sentence report determines the potential of the accused to carry out community service. For the purpose of the assessment, the accused is invited to an interview. In addition, necessary information regarding the assessment is acquired from different authorities. The purpose is to assess the accused person’s life situation as well as motivation to carry out community service. If necessary, various support services can be planned to secure that the service is carried out successfully. The accused is compensated for reasonable travelling expenses relating to the pre-sentence report.

In conclusion, the Criminal Sanctions Agency gives a statement on the capacity of the accused to carry out community service. Negative statements are usually attributed to the uncontrolled substance use of the accused. If the court considers that the accused does not have the prerequisites to carry out community service, the accused is not sentenced to community service.

Published 11.7.2019