Supervision of conditionally sentenced young offenders

A person who has committed an offence under the age of 21 years can be subjected to supervision in order to reinforce conditional imprisonment. Supervision is ordered if it is deemed justified in view of the social adaptation of the offender and the prevention of further offences. The community sanctions offices of the Criminal Sanctions Agency are responsible for arranging supervision around country.

A young offender means a person who has committed a punishable act at the age of 15 to 20 years of age. A personal history report is drawn up of a young offender unless it is evident that the sentence is going to be a fine. The personal history report establishes the young offender’s life situation and provides an opinion on the need of supervision in connection with a conditional prison sentence. In addition, it assesses the impact of different sanction alternatives on the young offender. Young offenders under 18 years of age can be sentenced to unconditional imprisonment only for weighty reasons.

When the supervision begins, the risks, needs and resources present in the offender’s current life situation are assessed. Based on the assessment, an individual sentence plan determining the goals and means of the supervision period is drawn up together with the supervised offender. According to the supervision plan, different themes are handled in the supervision appointments, for instance, by means of discussions, tasks and exercises. Various co-operation projects, groups and courses are also possible during the supervision period. The supervision supports the offender in his or her own efforts to change. The supervision can include co-operation both with the people close to the offender and other authorities.

Besides the officials of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, the supervisors can also be private persons who, under the direction of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, take care of part of the supervisions of conditionally sentenced young offenders.

Brochure of Supervision of conditionally sentenced young offenders (pdf, 0.27 Mt)

Published 11.7.2019