Arrangements of visits (3/004/2016)

2 September 2016
Legal basis: Chapter 13(19) of the Imprisonment Act and chapter 9(17) of the Remand Imprisonment Act
In force: 15 September 2016 until further notice
Repeals: Regulation on the arrangement of visits 15/004/2010
For: Criminal Sanctions Agency

The prison rules of each prison contain more detailed information about the visiting hours and the conditions of visits as well as the procedures for reserving a visit. In addition, the prisons rules include the prerequisites for unsupervised visits and the control of abstinence from substances which is a condition of a visit.

If a prisoner cannot be granted a permission of leave, it is particularly important to ensure that the prisoner has a possibility to meet his or her children and other family during visits arranged by the prison.

In general, a prisoner has the right to receive visitors under necessary supervision. A visit has to be arranged so that the arrangements do not actually hinder or prevent the realisation of this right.

When arranging premises for visits and the necessary supervision for different types of visits, the prisoner’s and the visitor’s need for privacy as well as the aspects of prison security have to be taken into consideration.

The prison can limit the number of visitors.

A prisoner’s advocate or other attorney or counsel referred to in chapter 15(2) of the Code of Judicial Procedure as well as other authorities contact the prison staff when they want to arrange a visit with a prisoner. Such visits are normally arranged during office hours.

In open prisons, visits can be arranged by taking into account the special circumstances of the open prisons.

Director General of the Criminal Sanctions Agency Esa Vesterbacka

Lawyer Jani Kotoaro

Published 11.7.2018