Criminal Sanctions Agency on social media

The Criminal Sanctions Agency uses social media as a platform for information and discussion. In social media, we share news and information.

The Criminal Sanctions Agency is on

Other units and projects

  • Satakunta Prison: products on Facebook.
  • Vaasa Prison: work activities on Facebook.
  • Vilppula Prison: garden centre on Facebook.
  • Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services on Facebook.
  • Project called Vankeusaika mahdollisuutena (Prison Term as a Possibility) on Facebook.


The social media administrators in the Criminal Sanctions Agency monitor discussions and reply to some of the questions. The Criminal Sanctions Agency does not comment on private matters.

As the social media channels used by the Criminal Sanctions Agency are designed for questions and comments concerning the criminal sanctions field, the following are forbidden:

• insults, swearing, racism

• incitement to a criminal offence

• hate messages targeted at individuals, organisations, countries, or nations

• advertising and marketing products or services

• religious or political comments

In addition to the above, posts that might fulfil the statutory definition of dissemination of information in violation of personal privacy or defamation under the Criminal Code are also forbidden.

Inappropriate posts can be removed and users, who regularly break the rules on the user’s social media channels, can be blocked. Users are not notified if their posts are removed or blocked.

Published 14.1.2020