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Press releases

The new Kerava Open Prison was taken into use on 16 September 2020. It is the second largest open prison in Finland with 136 prisoner places in total.


The winner of the Criminal Sanctions Agency’s Smart Prison system tender is Gerdes. Gerdes is a German family company that has been operating since 1989, specializing in ICT solutions related to prison security and telecommunications:


The Criminal Sanctions Agency has published the 2019 Statistical Yearbook providing an up-to-date snapshot of the numbers of clients and prisoners under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Sanctions Agency and the agency’s activities. The number of prisoners sentenced for violent offences decreased in 2019 while the average prisoner population and number of community sanction clients increased. Over a longer period of review, recidivism has declined.


As of 1 July 2020, prisons return to the normal practice of granting different types of visits, such as unsupervised visits, as well as prison leaves.

Published 13.2.2020