Press releases and news 2014


Seitsemän broidia Sipoosta eli Kiven (sisältä) Seitsemän veljestä (Seven Brothers from Sipoo, aka Seven Brothers (from inside) by Kivi)


The topping-off ceremony of the renovation of the old prison building in Mikkeli was held at the construction site on Monday 10.11.2014.


In accordance with the decision I made on December 2013, the Criminal Sanctions Agency transferred the public office of Director Tuomo Kärjenmäki located in Hämeenlinna Prison to the national Enforcement Unit in Turku starting from 1 January 2014 and changed the title of the office to a senior specialist.


The Criminal Sanctions Agency has submitted to the Ministry of Justice an updated proposal for the vision of facilities for 2015-2018, which complies with the decisions on the spending limits of the operating expense appropriations of the Agency made in the Budget.


Vaasa Community Sanctions Office and its Seinäjoki Branch Office will celebrate their joint 60th anniversary in Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku in Seinäjoki starting at 12 o’clock on Wednesday 1 October 2014. The main speakers of the event will be Tapio Lappi-Seppälä , Director-General of the National Research Institute of Legal Policy, and Tuula Asikainen , Chief Director of the Criminal Sanctions Agency.


Today, it is one hundred years since Sukeva Prison was established in the municipality of Sonkajärvi. A history written by Jari Aro , BSocSc, in honour of the 75th anniversary of the prison was published 25 years ago. Now, it is complemented by a new history written by Jaakko Kangas , MA, MSocSc, which is published in the 100th anniversary celebration on 23 September 2014.


Director General Esa Vesterbacka wants to correct the views presented in public on the release of prisoners for the sake of savings and on the use of public humiliation as a punishment in Finland.


Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson awarded on 9 July 2014 the Cross of Merit of Prison Service to three recipients for their contributions to the prison service.


A history of Vaasa Prison published The importance of puukkojunkkarit and other famous knife-fighters, stirring up trouble in the 19th-century South Ostrobothnia, has been exaggerated in literature and historical re-search alike. The troublemakers were largely common criminals, who were most likely to act when drunk or angered, rather than in defence of any wider social agenda. Just as to-day, loss of life often resulted from a minor drunken brawl among groups of men.


In Europe, there are about 1.7 million prisoners and the same amount of community sanction clients according to the Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics .


All Finnish vehicle registration plates have been made in Helsinki Prison ever since they were introduced nearly 90 years ago. Prison products guide our movements also otherwise because every third traffic sign is made in our prisons. However, the main goal of the work activities in the prisons is the rehabilitation of the prisoners.


In the past few years, the number of those types of offences known to the police that are significant from the viewpoint of criminal sanctions has declined, reveals the annual report 2013 of the Criminal Sanctions Agency.


Samuli Laulumaa , Master of Arts and Master of Laws, has been appointed as the director of Hämeenlinna Prison starting from the beginning of March.


An important and significant addition to the criminal political discussion on the social dimensions of the criminal sanctions field and the future of the field was introduced as the book called Social work and social support in the criminal sanctions field was published in the publication series of the Criminal Sanctions Agency. The book is the first comprehensive overview of the diverse social sector of the criminal sanctions field in Finland.


The dramatic and musical performance, which is based on the texts of six life sentence prisoners, is the result of a workshop lasting for over 12 months. The premiere of the performance created by Dramaturg Seppo Parkkinen and Director Kaisa Korhonen together with their crew is in Kerava Prison on 1 March.

Published 5.8.2016