Criminal Sanctions Agency promotes its strategy

Published 30.10.2018

The Criminal Sanctions Agency has released a whiteboard animation of its strategy in Finnish, Swedish, and English. The purpose of the whiteboard animation is to promote the strategy of the Criminal Sanctions Agency to its staff members and cooperation partners as well as the general public.

The Criminal Sanctions Agency is responsible for the lawful and safe enforcement of sentences. Its key strategic goal is to coach and rehabilitate sentenced people so that after serving their prison sentence or community sanction, they would be more prepared to lead a life without crime.

We draw up a plan for each prisoner and community sanction client based on their individual risks and needs. The plan includes activities and services intended for them during their sentence term. At the same time, we motivate the people serving their sentences to participate in the activities and take responsibility for their own life. Each prisoner and client is assigned a public official who follows the progress of the sentence plan together with the sentenced person and the rest of the work community.

The services we use have been proven to promote a life without crime. The Criminal Sanctions Agency works in close cooperation with other authorities and third sector parties in order to enhance the abilities of the sentenced people to reintegrate into society. Our goal is that the prisoners will gradually move from closed prisons to open prison and to probationary liberty under supervision according to our safety assessment.

The Criminal Sanctions Agency aims to enhance the safety of society by increasing the abilities of people serving sentences and, thus, reducing their risk of reoffending.

The animation was made in co-operation with Tussitaikurit.

The video is available here:

Further information: Head of Communications Pilvi Isotalus,, tel. +358 50 331 0067