Arto Kujala appointed as Director General of the Criminal Sanctions Agency

Published 16.8.2019

The Finnish Government appointed Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, Director General Arto Kujala as the new Director General of the Criminal Sanctions Agency on 15 August 2019. Kujala was appointed to the office for the term between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2024 as the term of office of Director General lasts for five years.

Kujala has served as Director General of the Department for Criminal Policy and Criminal Law (formerly Department of Criminal Policy) in the Ministry of Justice since November 2012. Before that, he served, among others, as Deputy Head of Department in the same department, Prison Administration Director in the Criminal Sanctions Agency, and Planning Director in the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior. Kujala has an extensive experience in strategic management.

The Criminal Sanctions Agency, which operates under the Ministry of Justice, is the authority responsible for the enforcement of prison sentences and community sanctions. Its goal is to prevent recidivism and enhance the safety of society.

More information:
Pekka Timonen
Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Justice

Press release of Ministry of Justice 15.8.2019