Criminal Sanctions Agency launches a newsletter – subscribe now

Published 10.12.2019  Updated 12.12.2019

As of December 2019, the Criminal Sanctions Agency starts publishing a newsletter on topical matters in Finnish and Swedish. The name of the newsletter is in line with the organisation's old staff magazine called Rikos ja seuraamus, which translates as crime and sanction.

It will contain, among other things, career stories, events, news, and blogs. The newsletter will serve the media, partners, employees, and other parties interested in the Criminal Sanctions Agency, such as jobseekers.

By following the newsletter, you will stay on top of the activities of the Criminal Sanctions Agency and receive information on coming seminars, other events, and news. You can subscribe to the newsletter here!

The newsletter is public and anyone can subscribe to it by joining our email list. In the future, the archives of the newsletter will be available on the website

Further information: Head of Communications Pilvi Isotalus, tel. +358 50 3310 067