Niina Kallio-Nordlund appointed as new Enforcement Director of the Criminal Sanctions Agency

Published 21.2.2020

The Criminal Sanctions Agency has appointed Niina Kallio-Nordlund as Enforcement Director of the Enforcement Unit for a fixed term from 1 March to 31 December 2020. Kallio-Nordlund has worked in the public sector in various managerial positions and as a lawyer for 12 years. Before her appointment as Enforcement Director, she worked as a lawyer in drafting statues and regulations and as a tax representative.

Kallio-Nordlund holds LL.M degree with training on the bench, M.Sc. (Admin.) degree in financial management, and eMBA degree in management. She is currently writing a doctoral dissertation on procedural law.

“The prison and probation services are a very interesting cross-sectoral branch with particularly high social significance. As the new Enforcement Director, I am expecting a role where I can combine the management of an expert organisation with knowledge of the law and, additionally, be able to contribute to change management. I am looking forward to multi-professional cooperation, networking, and collaboration with the top experts in their field. For me, the Criminal Sanctions Agency presents itself as an appealing workplace with values that correspond to my own values," says Kallio-Nordlund about her expectations of her new work.

The appointment of Kallio-Nordlund as Enforcement Director is for a fixed term due to the evaluation of the organisation structures and the management system of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, which will be carried out this year.

The nationwide Enforcement Unit of the Criminal Sanctions Agency is responsible for the formal enforcement of prison sentences, monitoring sentences, and fine-conversion sentences as well as the administrative implementation of remand imprisonment in cooperation with the liaison officials handling enforcement. The enforcement director decides on requests for an administrative review that concern decisions on the term of sentence. The main office of the Enforcement Unit is located in Turku and the other offices in Kuopio, Oulu, and Vantaa.