Lifting coronavirus restrictions with careful consideration in prisons as from 1 June

Published 27.5.2020

The restrictions imposed in the prisons as a result of the coronavirus epidemic will be carefully lifted as from 1 June. The dismantling of restrictions will be started from the internal activities of the prisons. The gyms, sports halls, saunas, and libraries in both closed and open prisons will be opened for prisoners on 1 June.

Arto Kujala, Director General of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, says that the restrictions will be lifted gradually and with careful consideration in the prisons in order to ensure the safety of the staff members and the prisoners.

The prisons will continue the current practice of granting prison leaves only for a particularly important reason, such as a funeral or a serious illness of a close relative.

Decisions concerning the visits by the close relatives and children of the prisoners will be made in mid-June. Visits in the prisons have been suspended since 13 March 2020. Visits have been replaced by Skype meetings during the coronavirus restrictions.

The closed prisons will start expanding their work activities and offering them to more prisoners as from 1 June. Open prison work that is arranged outdoors is started in small groups.

For the time being, the supervision of juvenile punishments will be continued by means of the telephone and remote communication.

The preparedness group of the Criminal Sanctions Agency plans the lifting of the restrictions used in the prisons and community sanctions offices. The consequences of the dismantled restrictions are assessed regularly and if, for example, the coronavirus spreads in the prisons, the Criminal Sanctions Agency is prepared to decide on new restrictions. At the moment, there are no cases of coronavirus infections in the prisons.

The preparedness group will monitor the coronavirus situation and the effects of the lifted restrictions in the prisons and community sanction offices and instruct the Criminal Sanctions Regions and the units.

The Criminological Library will open some of its services on 1 June. Books can be borrowed between 1.6 and 18.6 and again as of 1 August. The library will be closed from 22 June to 31 July.

Further information:
Director General Arto Kujala, tel. +358 29 56 88500
Director of Security Ari Juuti, tel. +358 29 56 88456