Lifting coronavirus restrictions in community sanctions offices

Published 8.6.2020

Restrictions imposed in the community sanctions offices as a result of the coronavirus epidemic will be carefully lifted as from 15 June. Community service work will be increased as the service places open.

Clients may be ordered to community service as of 15 June 2020. If the enforcement of community service has been delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic, it can be scheduled so that it can be served faster than normally. As of 15 June, suspending community service requires that the client brings a medical certificate.

The enforcement of monitoring sentences can be started gradually by taking into account the situation of the clients and the activity places.

As from 15 June, community sanction clients can be met if there is a justified reason. Such reasons include, among others, meetings that cannot be arranged by using remote communication, visiting the service place of a client starting a new community service sentence, or the client is underage. In the meetings, attention will be paid to the safety instructions and sufficient distances.

The easing of other restrictions will be assessed during the summer. The lifted restrictions may also be cancelled if the coronavirus situation becomes worse.

The preparedness group of the Criminal Sanctions Agency plans the lifting of the restrictions used in the community sanctions offices and prisons. The consequences of the dismantled restrictions are assessed regularly.

Further information:
Senior Specialist Sanna Kohvakka, tel. +358 50 472 3035
Director of Security Ari Juuti, tel. +358 29 56 88456