German Gerdes selected as the smart prison system supplier

Published 5.8.2020

The winner of the Criminal Sanctions Agency’s Smart Prison system tender is Gerdes. Gerdes is a German family company that has been operating since 1989, specializing in ICT solutions related to prison security and telecommunications:

Gerdes’ Prison Media product will for example be used in the Hämeenlinna Prison opening in Autumn. Use of cell terminals in Hämeenlinna Prison is expected to begin on the 24th of October 2020. Delivery, testing, and staff training for using the system are carried out jointly by Gerdes, the Legal Register Centre, and the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency.

The Prison Media product includes media and other digital services for cell terminal use for inmates. These services include restricted internet access, messaging, video calling, buying items from the prison canteen, and studying from a portable cell terminal, which can be used not only in cells but also in other prison facilities, such as during appointments with the personnel or in school premises.

During 2021, prisoners will have digital skills courses in Hämeenlinna Prison, organized as part of the Digital Leap project by Kalliola. In addition, research into the impact of smart prison system on prison practices and culture is carried out as part of the Department of Health and Welfare's DigiIn project. In one of its sub-studies, researchers from Laurea University of Applied Sciences investigate the experiences of prisoners and staff about smart prison and its rehabilitative impact.

During 2021, experiences of the smart prison system will be collected to see whether the system could be extended to other prison units in the future.

Further information:

Pia Puolakka, Project Manager
Smart Prison project, tel. +358 50 368 0998