Prison products

The goal of work arranged in prison is to maintain and develop a prisoner’s vocational proficiency and working capacity. This improves the prisoner’s possibilities to make a living also after release. In addition, working normalises the everyday life in prison.

Approximately 32% of all prisoners' time is used for working. Half of the working prisoners participate in domestic care, real estate maintenance or construction work of prisons and the other half in production work. The products are sold to state and municipal institutions, to the business sector or directly to private consumers from prison shops.

In 2012, the annual income of prison production was about 8,8 million euro of which the internal income was about 2.0 million euro. Some of the products, such as cell furniture and prisoner clothing, are made for prison use. With the income, it is possible to cover the direct production costs, prisoners’ activity allowances and open prison wages.

There are approximately 400 different prison products for sale. The products are available here, the descriptions are in FInnish.

Published 11.7.2019