A list of topical projects in the Criminal Sancions Agency can be found here (pdf, 0.02 Mt). The list is in Finnish and consists of the project names, timetables and contact person(s).

Roti – operation development and client data system Project

In 2011, the Criminal Sanctions Agency launched an operation development and data system project, which was at first called Client Data System Project. As a project office was set up in 2013, the name of the project was changed to Roti. The word 'roti' is a colloquial Finnish word derived from a Swedish word 'råd', which means, among other things, order. "There has to be some order."

The goal of the Roti Project is to create one joint data system for the Criminal Sanctions Agency by uniting the current separate client data systems for prisoners and community sanction clients. As a result, the clients and work of the criminal sanctions field can be managed with the help of a central data system, which is as automated as possible and which has a significant role in guiding the operations. The Roti Project enables the cooperation and fast exchange of information between different authorities.

Besides a data system project, Roti is also an operation development project. The aim is to develop the operations in the Criminal Sanctions Agency.

Further information: Project Director Karoliina Taruvuori, tel. +358 29 56 81477

Published 11.7.2019