Action Plan for Preventing Homelessness AUNE

The Criminal Sanctions Agency takes part in a government programme for reducing long-term homelessness (AUNE Project) in 2016–2019.

The Criminal Sanctions Agency’s role in the project is to help offenders released from prison and those serving community sanctions with

  • finding housing
  • independent living and
  • life management
  • as well as reduce homelessness among prisoners and community sanction clients.

In compliance with the principle of Housing First, the aim of the AUNE Project is to secure housing for criminal sanction clients in different circumstances. Approximately 30-35 per cent of released prisoners and 10-15 per cent of offenders serving community sanctions are homeless. Hence, homelessness concerns about 2 000 criminal sanction clients. Groups that are at high risk are young offenders as well as prisoners with short sentences as there is not enough time to address their situation during the prison term.

According to studies, reoffending is more likely right after release especially if the person is homeless at the time of release. Housing support hardly ever means just housing but also learning everyday skills and life in a broader sense.


Further information: Senior Planning Official, Aune Project Manager Heidi Lind tel. +358 50 4393 749

Published 31.1.2019