Facility projects

The Criminal Sanctions Agency develops its prison network continuously. We renovate our prisons and build new ones. Here is information on our current building and renovation projects.

Hämeenlinna Prison for women is a closed prison with 100 prisoner places. The new prison will be built on the west side of the existing prison and it should be completed in late 2020. The operation of the Prison Hospital will continue as normal also in the future.

In Jyväskylä Campus, the Criminal Sanctions Agency builds new joint facilities for Jyväskylä Community Sanctions Office and Laukaa Open Prison. There will be 60 prisoner places. The new campus is built in a central location in Jyväskylä. Jyväskylä Campus should be completed in 2020.

Kerava Open Prison will be built in the area where the work activities of the existing Kerava Prison are arranged at the moment. There will be 136 prisoner places. Kerava Open Prison should be completed in early 2020.

Oulu Prison and Oulu Central Police Station will be built on the same site called the security campus where other security organisations could also be located. The campus is located in Hiukkavaara, which is about eight kilometres from the city centre of Oulu. There will be about 100 prisoner places for both remand prisoners and sentenced prisoners. Oulu Prison should be completed in early 2022.

Vaala Prison should primarily be located close to the municipal centre so that it would correspond to the requirements of the prison concept and the activities of the new service offering chart better than the existing Pelso Prison. It will be a closed prison with about 100 places. Vaala Prison should be completed in early 2022.

In Sukeva Prison, a new building will be constructed for the administration, the staff, and the visitors of the prisoners. It will replace the administrative building and the gym hall that are banned from use at the moment. The new building should be completed in early 2020.

In the Ojoinen Unit of Vanaja Prison, the building used by the prisoners is being renovated. There will be about 30 prisoner places. The renovation will be completed by the end 2018.

Pelso Prison will get a new accommodation unit for 36 prisoners and separate sauna facilities by the end of 2018. The lightweight and movable cell building, which complies with the prison concept, replaces the cells that are banned from use at the moment.

In the Huittinen Unit of Satakunta Prison, Senate Properties are renovating the exterior walls of the buildings. Moreover, they are repairing the water and sewer systems of the cell building and renewing the sewage pump system of the prison.

In Helsinki Prison, a building, which was used for a print shop, school and archive purposes, was demolished in 2018. Part of the archives of the Central Administration of the Criminal Sanctions Agency and Helsinki Prison were moved to Porvoo. In addition, plans are being made to alter the metal workshop building so that it would be suitable for wider use and we the separate wood workshop could be given up.

The planning of Helsinki Campus has been started. The facilities used for accommodation at the moment would be renovated for Helsinki Community Sanctions Office and the Region Centre of the Criminal Sanctions Region of Southern Finland. The current facilities of the Community Sanctions Office and the Region Centre would be given up.

In Kuopio Prison, massive renovation is done by Senate Properties in the office area due to water damage.

In the Vanaja Unit of Vanaja Prison, renovation is under way in the main building due to water damage.

In Vilppula Prison, the heating network of the whole area and the roof of the administrative building will be renewed.

Further information: Facility Manager Kauko Niemelä, tel. +358 29 568 8573, kauko.niemela(at)om.fi

Published 11.7.2019