Enforcement Unit

The nationwide Enforcement Unit of the Criminal Sanctions Agency is responsible for the formal enforcement of prison sentences, monitoring sentences, and fine-conversion sentences as well as the administrative implementation of remand imprisonment together with the contact people handling enforcement in the prisons.

The Enforcement Unit receives the judgements from the decision and judgement notification system, which is part of the judicial administration's national data system, checks the enforceability of the judgements, and sends them for enforcement.

The Enforcement Unit issues the warrants for apprehending people who avoid enforcement and maintains the enforcement register.

In the Enforcement Unit, the officials responsible for enforcement make the decisions on the sentence terms of people serving sentences and the director of the unit decides on the claims for rectification against the sentence term decisions.

The main office of the Enforcement Unit is located in Turku and the other offices are in Kuopio, Oulu and Vantaa.

Contact information:

Tel. +358 29 568 1000

Enforcement Director Niina Kallio-Nordlund

Mathilda Wreden katu 1, 20380 Turku, Finland /
PB 50, 20251 Turku, Finland
Fax +358 29 568 4860
Email taytantoonpanoyksikko.rise@om.fi

Siltaniitynkuja 2, 01260 Vantaa, Finland /
PB 260, 01261 Vantaa, Finland
Fax +358 29 568 1129
Email taytantoonpanoyksikko_vantaa.rise@om.fi

Hapelähteenkatu 1, 70100 Kuopio, Finland /
PB 180, 70101 Kuopio, Finland
Fax +358 29 568 5910
Email taytantoonpanoyksikko_kuopio.rise@om.fi

Nahkatehtaankatu 5 A, 90130 Oulu, Finland /
PB 54, 90101 Oulu, Finland
Fax +358 29 568 6749
Email taytantoonpanoyksikko_oulu.rise@om.fi

Published 31.3.2020