The Criminal Sanctions Agency has 26 prisons. Prisoners serve their sentence either in a closed prison or in an open institution. The prisoner places are divided so that 70% are in closed prisons and 30% in open prisons or units.Prisoners, who are deemed to adapt to the freer conditions than the conditions in closed prisons, are placed in open institutions.

Male and female prisoners are placed in separate accommodation wards in prisons. Vanaja Open Prison located close to Hämeenlinna has a family ward where sentenced prisoners can stay with their small child.

Prisoners receive daily meals and clothing in prisons. Prisoners can also use their own clothes, but it can be restricted based on the prison order or occupational safety. If prisoners use their own clothes, they are required to maintain the clothes themselves. In open institutions, prisoners always use their own clothes.

Everyday life in prison

Prisoners are obliged to work, study or participate in some other activity in prison. The goal of the different activities is to promote the prisoners’ abilities to live without crime, i.e. to improve their working and functioning capacity as well as to support substance-free lifestyle.

Prisoners have to take care of the cleanliness of their accommodation and other living facilities as well as other cleaning and household chores in their spare time. In their leisure time, prisoners can, for instance, go to the library, do handicrafts or exercise together with other prisoners. Prisoners get to exercise outdoors at least one hour every day. Prisons also have facilities for practising religion.

Prisoners can keep in touch with the outside world

In closed prisons prisoners are permitted to communicate with the outside world by telephone and correspondence, within certain limits. They can meet visitors in the visiting premises or the family visiting rooms of the prison during visiting hours. The visits must be booked in advance according to the prison's rules.

Prisons are situated in the three criminal sanctions regions as follows:

The criminal sanctions region of Southern Finland
Helsinki prison
Suomenlinna prison
Kerava prison
Vantaa prison
Jokela prison
Riihimäki prison

The criminal sanctions region of WesternFinland
Hämeenlinna prison
Vanaja prison, units in Vanaja and Ojoinen
Kylmäkoski prison
Käyrä prison
Satakunta prison, units in Köyliö and Huittinen
Turku prison
Vaasa prison
Vilppula prison

The criminal sanctions region of Eastern and Northern Finland
Juuka prison
Kestilä prison
Kuopio prison
Laukaa prison
Mikkeli prison
Naarajärvi prison
Oulu prison
Pelso prison
Pyhäselkä prison
Sukeva prison
Sulkava prison
Ylitornio prison

Published 11.7.2019