Contact a prisoner

According to law, information concerning an individual prisoner is confidential. Thus, the authorities of the criminal sanctions field cannot give information on the placement institution or the judgement of an adult person serving a sentence, for example, to a relative of that person.

Mail or email to a sentenced offender can be sent to his or her placement institution.

Instructions on the use of client email in prisons for relatives and other people outside the prison

Email to a prisoner can be sent to the following address:

vankiposti.[name of the prison in Finnish without brackets]
(for example or

The prisoner's first and last name have to be written in the subject line and the sender's own first and last name in the message itself so that the prisoner will know who sent the message. For information security reasons, the system deletes all attachments and pictures of the messages. Therefore, the prisoner will receive nothing but the message sent to the mailbox.

If, for instance, an attorney or other legal counsel wants to send mail to a prisoner by email, it has to be taken into account that the prisoner cannot read the message on a computer monitor but the message is delivered to the prisoner by the staff. In such cases, the counsels have to assess themselves whether they can send their message by email.

If the placement institution is not known, please follow the instructions below.

Request to be contacted by a prisoner

If you want to contact a prisoner, put a message in a closed envelope, on which there is the prisoner’s name and preferably date of birth as well as the contact information of the sender, and send it to the Judicial Division of the Central Administration of the Criminal Sanctions Agency (address: Lintulahdenkatu 5 , 00530 Helsinki, Finland) or directly to the prison, where the letters will be forwarded to the recipient.

If the prisoner so wishes, he or she can contact the sender of the message by phone or mail or arrange a visit.

Contributions to prisoners

Published 11.7.2018