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The Criminal Sanctions Agency uses the e-service Messages. The service is a secure way to communicate the Criminal Sanctions Agency electronically. Communication is possible through the web address from where the messages will be sent to the registry of the Central Administration of the Criminal Sanctions Agency, which will forward the message if necessary. The messages may also contain attachments. A secure way of communicating electronically helps in situations where strong identification is required to verify the identity of the user. Messages is easy to take into use by logging on to the website with personal online banking codes. When the service is taken into use, the user consents to that all official messages can be sent electronically to the service. After giving consent, authorities and other organisation that use Messages may send the user messages (both regular and those requiring a confirmation of receipt) as well as documents related to decisions to the service electronically. If Messages is taken into use, the documents will no longer be delivered by post.

The use of Messages is free of charge to the user, but the authorities may charge a fee for the decision they have made. The settings of the service require that the user specifies the email address to which notifications of received messages will be sent. The user can also change the delivery method of messages to paper mail in the settings. The user can change the settings of the service at any time.

Alternatively, a request for information may be submitted by email to tietopyynnot.rise(@) or by letter to the following address: Criminal Sanctions Agency, Central Administration, Lintulahdenkatu 5, 00530 Helsinki.

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information on Messages

Technical user support for Messages / Public Service Info: fill in the feedback form or call 0295 000 (Mon.-Fri. 8-21, Sat. 9-15)

Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for and its Messages Service

Published 6.2.2020